Information and Tips

Fiberglass Staining


Think you want to tackle the job of staining a fiberglass door yourself?  Kits are available or our friends at The Paint Spot located right next door will be happy to answer your questions.  Therma-Tru has easy-to-follow instuctions found here.

Match Spec Sheet


Many times our customers are in a predicament that they can't replace the jamb along with the door.  In this situation, we do what is called a "match door".  While it it not the ideal solution, this option is available.  The sheet found here is what is required to "match" a door. 

Wood Door Exposure


The protection of your door is a major factor in its maintenance requirements and longevity.  Make sure you order the correct door based on your exposure to maximize your investment.  Download an exposure sheet here.

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ's Coming Soon! Please feel free to email your questions to  We would love to include them in our FAQ section.